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Would you like the way the pages of the translated documents are laid out to be identical to the original?

We also have a DTP (Desk-Top Publishing) department which provides a "turn-key" document service. Your translated document can be delivered to you in any program or file format you wish. The programs used, among others, are:

  • Page Maker
  • InDesign
  • QuarkXpress
  • FrameMaker
  • Publisher
  • Power Point

The advantage of having DTP combined with your translation is that you do not have to perform the lay out of pages in languages that you do not know, you can prevent the chance of your text being incorrectly located. Using Oxford Translation's services, your translation will be laid out properly, just like your own language version.

Languages with characters different from our usual Latin characters can be page-set by DTP experts who are native-speakers.

The most obvious langauges are Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, the languages of the Indian Sub-Continent, such as Hindi, Gujurati, Tamil, etc.. The list, whileit is  not endless, is very long and we can supply experts in any language to make sure that your document is correctly page-set.

Email us your source text in any of the formats shown above, and we'll do the rest!

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