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How many words can a translator translate per day, on average?

  • Variations occur, depending on the difficulty of the text and the type of file, but the daily average is about 2,500 words.

We've got a very long document to be translated and a very short deadline.

  • No problem - we will set up a team of translators who are specialists in the field concerned. A Project Manager will be appointed to supervise the work, and that manager will be responsible for creating a translation memory file of recurrent terms to ensure that the terminology used is harmonised between the translators. The translators  will work closely with each other and with the Project Manager in order to supply the best translation quality possible.

Can a French translator who knows English well translate a document from French to English?

  • We have heard of unscrupulous agencies who give work to translators whose native language is not the target language, but we have never done that and we never will do that. While a translator may have a good understanding and be able to speak a foreign language practically perfectly, he or she will never master the nuances of that language, and the problem will shown up in the translation.

Will our next document be translated by the same translator?

  • Whenever possible the same translator will be used to ensure that the vocabulary is the same as that in the previous translation.

We have a document which  needs to be translated, but its content is strictly confidential. What will be done to preserve that confidentiality?

  • Professional secrecy is observed for all our translations.  We will confirm this in a document to be signed by your company and by Oxford Translation Ltd. Our translator will sign the same document and he or she will be responsible for the translation of your text.


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