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What is translation

The basic purpose of translation is to change from one language (the source language) to another language (the target language), while still keeping the same meaning and incorporating any nuances from the original text. The cultural background of the first language should also be adapted as appropriate in order to suit the target language.

Technical, Scientific, Commercial, Legal and Financial Translation

Work experience

Our policy over the last 23 years has been to use, whenever possible, translators with practical experience in the field covered by the document which they have to translate.

Our translators, who or course all translate only into their native language, usually have experience of working in the field concerned, whether that field is engineering, law, finance, chemistry, medicine or any other profession. We have, for example, mechanical engineers who translate from Spanish into English and we have other translators, who are also engineers, who translate from English to Spanish. The same principle is applied for any other language combination.


A professional translator has to be able to keep up with the latest developments in his or her chosen field by visiting specialised exhibitions and by careful reading of technical or professional journals. 

Our translators take care to increase their knowledge and to become up-to-date in the latest trends in the industrial, business and professional world concerned, so as to produce even better results. This applies not only to French translations, German or Spanish translations, but to all the languages in the world, incuding the languages of Eastern Europe, the Indian Sub-continent, the Midddle East and the Far East.

Individual glossaries

Companies often have their own in-house technical or business vocabularies, so we set up individual glossaries for each customer, to make sure that the same terms are used for the same item in future translations. Wherever possible the same translator is used for a particular client.

The specialities of translators are sometimes limited to only a few technological or professional fields - often because they themselves had work experience in that particular industry or profession.

Using qualified people who have experience and qualifications in mechanical, IT (information technology), hydraulic, electronic, electrical, nuclear or chemical engineering ensures that our technical translations are completely acceptable to the client. Translators with first-hand experience of the medical, legal, marketing, or financial fields also form some of our most welcome recruits.


There is a close connection between translation and proof-reading. In addition to our system of systematic proof-reading of our own translations (included in the price of the translation), Oxford Translation also offers a proof-reading service for documents which have been translated by other companies or independent translators..

This service is dealt with separately from our normal translation service and invoicing is by the word or by the hour. Please contact us for a quotation.

Sworn Translation

IIn some countries, a sworn translation (translated by a legal expert translator who is appointed by the Court concerned) is required for official formalities. Oxford Translation can provide such sworn translations for many countries, both to private individuals and to companies. Please contact us for a quotation.

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